white label canister

a private label needs

As a private label manufacturer, we provide you with everything you need to make your private label a success: high-quality metalworking fluids and special greases in your desired packaging, extensive and seamless services to meet all requirements, and over 150 years of experience and innovative strength. Let’s become partners!

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For management and sales

When you want more

Do you want to achieve greater turnover with metalworking fluids and greases? We’ll be happy to assist you by providing tailor-made products and suitable services as your private label partner.

The competition never sleeps, and sales must always run smoothly. Your customers want new products, but your team can only do so much. We’re always on the ball and can provide you with support.

You want to pass on existing expertise and train staff on newly launched products. We’ll be happy to help.

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For the technology

When innovation is needed

Are you looking for alternative metalworking fluids and greases?
We can provide them – acting as your private label partner and leveraging our comprehensive expertise.

You need to keep a constant eye on quality and check compliance with the law. At the same time, it’s vital to ensure a reliable supply at all times and meet the highest standards. We’ll be happy to handle these tasks on your behalf.

At the same time, you want reliable, state-of-the-art products in your portfolio – and, when it comes down to it, technical support with applications.
We can also assist you by providing these key ingredients for success.

A drawn woman holds a product in her hands.

For product management

When it comes to polishing your portfolio

Are you looking for products to match new applications?
In this context, it’s important to bring costs and pricing in line with the relevant markets. We’ll be happy to assist you with these vital tasks.

Your task is to pool expertise from technology and sales.
To do so, you must always think globally and act locally in order to satisfy all market segments – and this is another area where you can benefit from our expertise.

You need to manage a varied and high-performance portfolio and improve product positioning. To this end, you want to take every opportunity that presents itself in new market segments. We’ll help you to do just that.

Decide what is most likely to
contribute to your success.

Mapping of the different service areas.

All-round benefits for you

Your private label comes to life without significant additional effort on your part. Consultation, needs analyses, innovative products, a wide variety of packaging, labelling, and a comprehensive range of services – we can provide you with all this and more to improve your processes and value creation.

The benefits of your own private label:
  • Konkurrenz
    unique among
    the competition
  • Handshake
    fair and secure
    purchasing terms
  • Hand mit Eurozeichen
    independence when
    it comes to pricing
  • Qualitätssiegel
    top quality to booster
    your image
  • Kundenbindung
    customer acquisition
    and retention
Let’s talk.

Let’s become partners!

If you want to move from words to action, contact us now to discuss your specific requirements – and let’s achieve success together as partners.

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