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Water-miscible metalworking fluids


Our water-miscible metalworking fluids are suitable for all machining work and materials – and offer the perfect combination of high performance and low consumption.


Our water-miscible metalworking fluids meet all your customers’ individual requirements – whether it’s long service life, reduced application costs or especially low tool wear. These products are supplied either in your containers or in our standard containers – and with neutral labelling or your own design.

Suitable for all situations

The demands made on water-miscible metalworking fluids are multi-faceted: they must be easy to maintain and offer an attractive price-performance ratio – and that’s precisely what our products represent.
They’re ideally suited for materials such as aluminium, titanium, Inconel, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals – as well as being free of amines and boric acid, especially skin-friendly, and kind to the environment.

This product range offers you a choice of:

  • amine-free metalworking fluids
  • boric acid-free metalworking fluids
  • conventional metalworking fluids
  • semi-synthetic metalworking fluids
  • fully synthetic metalworking fluids
  • ester-based metalworking fluids
  • formaldehyde-free metalworking fluids

For very special cases

Thanks to our experience and ongoing innovation, you can benefit from a very wide range of products. In most special cases it’s therefore not unusual for us to already have your ideal formulation in stock – e.g. for aviation, medical technology or the semiconductor industry.

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