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Technical article on metalworking fluids and greases


  • Abfüllung von Fett in Fass

    Metalworking fluids and lubricating grea­ses for the mineral oil industry from Siebert

    Brennstoffspiegel + Mineralölrundschau, 06/2023
    "Things run smoothly with Siebert": that is the promise the company makes to its customers as a private label producer.
  • Lathe is cooled by liquid

    REACH – On the safe side with Siebert

    Registered Siebert coolants and high-performance greases
  • Machine with cooling lubricant

    Coolant Konzentrat 248

    Robust at high pressures – completely foam-free.
  • Machine with cooling lubricant

    Coolant Konzentrat EP 349

    Suitable for various applications and materials.
  • View in the direction of blue crowns in the forest. the sun shines through the treetops

    Sustainability success principle: Added value for your customers

    We are passionate about producing pioneering coolants and high-performance lubricating greases.
  • A woman in the laboratory wears a white coat and his protective goggles. She looks at test tubes

    Innovative partner for the mineral oil industry

    A wide range of high-performance coolants and lubricating greases, comprehensive service, and storage and logistics tailored to the specific requirements of trade partners. 
  • A woman writes with a blue pen against a transparent pane

    Siebert Calcium EP multi-purpose grease: the price-stable alternative

    It has long been known that when it comes to reliable multi-purpose greases, many users rely on lithium-based products.
  • Metal drill

    Siebert Konzentrat 500: Gives a lot, requires little

    In modern manufacturing processes, the highest demands are placed on flexibility and performance, which can be exceptionally demanding for your customers.
  • Soil is worked with a machine

    Chisel paste 4759: Hazard labelling no longer required!

    Your customers want products that are not only high-performance, but also easy to use. One of the decisive factors is hazard labelling: The fewer danger symbols marked on a product, the safer and easier it is for the user to handle.
  • One person kneels in front of barbells

    Top-notch performance in the new year — expertise in additives makes GTL oils the better alternative

    Your customer‘s modern production processesplace the highest demands on processstability, integrated health and safety, cost-effectiveness and viability for the future — and 2018 is no different. Finding a product that meets all the requirements under these conditions can be very challenging.
  • Processing of plastic

    Machining composites more efficiently: How it works

    Working with composite materials is a real challenge and can be quite expensive. To date, these CFRP have generally been machined when dry. In this article we show how this process can be made more efficient and open up a whole new range of possibilities for your customers.
  • physical formula

    Coolant volumes: The correct process parameters for a perfect production process

    To achieve the best results in your production process, the processing machine and coolant used must not only be perfectly suited to one another, using the correct volume of coolant is another important factor. In this latest newsletter from Siebert, we will shed light on why this parameter is important, as well as why it pays to think about the coolant quantity at an early stage and how you can go about determining the correct volume.
  • a woman in the lab tests samples

    Biocides: Stay future proof with these alternatives

    To ensure that a water-miscible coolant performs as effectively as possible, a number of parameters must be correct. One of the deciding factors is the bacterial load. Biocides are indispensable when it comes to ensuring that bacteria, yeasts and fungi present in the coolant do not gain the upper hand. In this article, we will discuss which biocides are available and what effect they have, as well as which high-performance Siebert coolants you can offer your customers as a sustainable alternative to these biocides.
  • with a pipette one person drips liquid onto the hand of another person

    Active skin protection when using coolants

    In the machining and shaping industry, the skin is exposed to high temperatures, mechanical irritants and dust. Even coolants that are used can sometimes damage the skin. Using a skin-friendly coolant and handling it correctly can greatly contribute to reliable skin protection and health and safety. In this newsletter, Siebert will tell you all you need to know about skin protection.
  • Two men with goggles look into a potion through a round glass pane on the tank

    This is how the Siebert development process works

    You already know that, with its wide range of different coolants and high-performance greases, Siebert has the products your customers want and ask for — developed precisely for specific requirements.
  • Two men looking at a laptop

    The Siebert Academy

    Knowledge is the key to success! This is the motto of the Siebert Academy. We would like to invite you to our specially tailored training events on the subjects of lubricating greases, oils and coolants.
  • A man in the lab wearing safety goggles looks at sample containers rotating in a machine

    Coolant concentration measurements

    Regular coolant monitoring is not just required by law in some countries — it also has a positive impact on preservation of the coolant emulsion.
  • machine part

    An effective coolant change in six steps

    We will reveal how your customers can clean their coolant systems effectively and ensure better process security and a longer service life as a result.
  • a drop falls into one of several test tubes

    Formaldehyde and formaldehyde depot substances in Siebert coolants

    The Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) has classified formaldehyde as a category 1B carcinogen and as a category 2 mutagen. For you, this means…
  • View tablet

    GHS Regulation

    The Globally Harmonised System Regulation comes into effect on 1 June. The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of the United Nations (UN) is a standard international system for the classification and labelling of chemicals, providing guidelines for packaging and safety data sheets.
  • water

    Technical article “Mixing water”

    Mixing water: there are specific minimum requirements that must be observed for mixing water components …
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