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You can
rely on us

As a private label partner, you can confidently hand over the responsibility for product quality to us. We’re always conscious of this responsibility, which has shaped the way we do business for decades.

High-performance, sustainable and effective – our lubricants always meet the highest standards and are made in Germany from carefully inspected raw materials that are seamlessly monitored and obtained from comprehensively certified sources.

This high level of quality awareness also applies to our Siebert competence programme. You can rely on us.

Our certifications
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    ISO 9001
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    ISO 14001
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    ISO 45001

Turning tradition to your advantage

Anyone who’s been in business for 150 years has learned two things above all else: to think in the long term and to constantly innovate in the short term.

As a family company to this day, we still firmly believe in the key values of continuity and reliability. We believe that this approach is timeless – and one that will benefit you greatly as a private label partner.

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    Gebr. Siebert GmbH & Co KG is founded
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    Siebert is acquired by Dr Walter Reiners
  • handshake
    Dr Max Reiners becomes managing director
  • Hand with factory
    Dr Max Reiners becomes sole owner
  • drop
    World’s first supplier of metalworking fluids free of both boric acid and amines
  • Person and check
    Accession to the United Nations Global Compact
  • people and check
    Move to the new office building in Rheindahlen
  • plant
    Dr Reiners’ four children join the company as partners
  • Person and check
    Since 2022, the company has been committed to climate neutrality
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Sustainably innovative and environmentally friendly

Sustainability is just as important for our products as it is for us as a company. We’re very conscious of our economic, ecological and social responsibilities – for the people and the environment.

Facing up to the challenge

In addition to all the technical requirements, sustainability is steadily growing in importance.

This special responsibility for humans and the environment is firmly rooted in our corporate culture – and is reflected in our focus on environmental and climate protection, the use of innovative, sustainable raw materials, and future-proof, long-lasting and energy-efficient products.

Sustainability can be seen as the principal aim of lubricants. After all, their primary purpose is to reduce friction and prevent corrosion and wear – thereby extending machine running times and conserving raw materials.

We meet our responsibilities

We are a driving force in the areas of process safety and proactive health and safety protection. In addition, social commitment and personal responsibility are part of our core values – enhancing not only employee satisfaction but also the work-life balance, backed up by comprehensive health management and up-to-date training opportunities.

We also promote diversity and make an active contribution to society. This is just one of the ways in which we create the contemporary framework for ensuring our future success as an attractive company operating in a sustainable manner across the board.

How we champion sustainability:

  • development of application-optimised and emission-reducing lubricants
  • proactive health and safety protection
  • support for various social initiatives in the local area
  • membership of the UN Global Compact initiative
  • regular further education and training
  • geared towards climate neutrality since 2022*
  • Siebert competence programme
* Offsetting by means of climate protection certificates
The basis for our sustainable approach:
  • Chart
    Sustainably increasing our company value and securing the business for our stakeholders in the long term through optimised products
  • plant
    Application-oriented and emission-reducing lubricants that reduce the use of raw materials and energy
  • hand and heart
    Social affairs
    Responsibility for staff and society through health and safety as well as social engagement

Germany is
our home

We’re a company that operates internationally and has its home in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Proudly bearing the “Made in Germany” seal of quality, we develop and produce excellent metalworking fluids and special greases for the whole world right here in Mönchengladbach.

Research and development are some of our key strengths and shape the way our company operates. This is reflected both in our broad range of products and in our collaboration with a variety of research partners, such as the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences or Aachen University (RWTH).

In this way, Siebert is able to continually develop new and innovative products that meet the requirements for sustainability as well as human and environmental compatibility.

What makes us special:
  • more than 150 years of experience
  • over 500 formulations in our product range
  • active in over 20 countries in Europe and worldwide

Siebert has always been a company that is committed to sustainability. In addition to our own actions, we are therefore a committed member of the eFuel Alliance – an initiative that promotes the production of synthetic liquid fuels and combustibles (“e-fuels”). E-fuels are produced using electricity from renewable energy sources, water and the CO2 present in the air – without releasing additional CO2 in the process. In other words, e-fuels are climate neutral – while delivering the same performance as conventional fuels. If they are gradually mixed into fossil fuels, these fuels can become climate-neutral in the future.

Fuel distribution is also the focus of another of Siebert’s memberships – that of the German Federal Association of Medium-sized Mineral-oil Companies (UNITI). This association represents around 40% of all street petrol stations that serve around three million customers a day. Moreover, the independent lubricant manufacturers and dealers that are members of UNITI achieve a collective market share of 50% in Germany. UNITI e.V. is committed to the Paris climate objectives and champions an ideology-free approach that is open to technology in order to achieve the ambitious CO₂ reduction targets.

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