Machine with rotating part doused by yellow liquid

Neat oils

Enable top performance

For machining and chipless metal forming, our neat oils ensure excellent surface quality and maximum dimensional accuracy.

For perfect processes

In situations that call for long tool life, longer dressing intervals and exceptional occupational safety, our neat oils pave the way for perfect processes. As well as reducing consumption thanks to low oil viscosity, they also improve efficiency by enabling high cutting speeds at the same time.

Universal applications

Our wide range of neat oils ensures that you can always offer your customers a suitable product – whatever the intended application and even if it imposes special requirements in terms of performance, occupational safety and environmental protection.

This product range offers you a choice of:

  • cutting oils
  • grinding oils
  • drawing oils
  • slideway oils
  • ester-based machining oils
  • grinding oils based on medicinal-grade white oil
  • multifunctional oils
  • products for minimal-quantity lubrication

For very special cases

Thanks to our experience and ongoing innovation, you can benefit from a very wide range of products. In most special cases it’s therefore not unusual for us to already have your ideal formulation in stock – e.g. for aviation, medical technology or the semiconductor industry.

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