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As well as high-value products in a wide range of containers, we have a lot more to offer. The service support from the Siebert competence programme leaves you free to focus on your core business.

It’s called the
Siebert competence programme

The Siebert competence programme offers you a range of services in which we perform many key tasks on your behalf, starting from product development and knowledge sharing to individual labelling, portfolio management and regulatory services – as well as logistics concepts and much more.

The best way for us to determine how exactly you can benefit from our wide-ranging services is by discussing your needs with you directly. Take the first step and contact us now!

  • Expertise

    We‘re happy to share our knowledge

    Leverage our extensive product knowledge and technical expertise to score points when it comes to advising your customers. To this end, we’ll provide your team with sound theoretical and practical training on metalworking fluids and greases – underpinned by tailored product and sales training programmes, field training, newsletters and application consulting services.

    In addition, our consultants can also become personal contact partners for your customers and assist you with customer service – whether it’s application consulting or marketing and sales. In each case, our extensive experience in numerous industries helps you to achieve the professional implementation of your development projects.

  • Product development

    Made specially for you

    Based on over 500 variants and formulations, we develop sophisticated products that help your customers overcome the most demanding of tasks. Of course, these can also be created as completely new products depending on the individual requirements and specifications.

    With our extensive product range and a focus on research and development, we’re the perfect partner – and, by the way, this also applies to the development of greases and metalworking fluids that are especially health-conscious and environmentally friendly.

  • Logistics concepts

    Ensuring your supply

    Do you want to reduce storage costs while also avoiding delivery bottlenecks? Is ensuring availability a prime concern for you and your customers? And should it be easy to place repeat orders by phone or email? We can provide you with a suitable logistics concept that meets these requirements and many more.

    We ensure high delivery reliability by deploying external logistics partners – and the same applies to deliveries to international markets. We can also offer you outsourced warehousing and storage on favourable terms.

  • Individual labelling

    With perfect labels!

    You can expect not only high-quality, reliable products but also an extremely broad range of packaging – and once the packaging is filled using our modern machinery, we can apply your brand design to every one of your products on request. After all, the individual labelling of all containers is a key part of our services as your private label partner.

    With us, the entire management of your high-quality labels is in expert hands. Acting as a versatile and reliable partner, we stand ready to handle design, retouching and printing – in four colours, with UV protection and with excellent resistance to cold and heat.

    In a just-in-time process, we can also equip your labels with variable data such as order or batch numbers – under an abrasion-resistant, easy-to-clean lacquer coating, thereby consigning problems with contaminated labels to the past.

    At the same time, the process offers maximum versatility and delivery speed. Labels can therefore be adjusted even shortly before production, and it’s easy to implement time-limited anniversary or other special campaigns. What’s more, our portal allows you not only to view your labels by product at any time but also to download them – and to submit requests for changes quickly via a chat function.

  • Proactive regulatory services

    Always on the safe side

    We deliver legal certainty when it comes to the management of all necessary safety data sheets, UFI codes, approvals and labelling requirements – and work proactively so that the necessary documents are always up to date. This means you have one thing less to worry about during your day-to-day business.

  • Portfolio management

    A comprehensive overview

    So that your product portfolio is in top form at all times, we’ll be happy to advise you on product selection and assortment structuring on an ongoing basis. In this context, our automated information system ensures that you have permanent access to current topics, new developments and updated product labelling.

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