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Lubricating greases

Keep things

Lubricating greases from Siebert are at home in almost every industry – and do their job reliably wherever strength and endurance are paramount concerns.

Meet every requirement

Whether it’s extreme temperature variations and loads, moisture, dry conditions or dust, our high-performance greases are suitable for every situation and meet every requirement.

With ideal properties

Our high-performance greases have ideal properties and provide reliable lubrication of antifriction and plain bearings of any size. Resistant to oxidation and ageing, they are tested using state-of-the-art methodology.

Grease advantages:

  • oxidation-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • long service life
  • consistently high quality, even in the case of extreme temperatures and loads
  • environmentally friendly greases, some of which are biodegradable
  • with approvals from many international companies as well as for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
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For special cases

A series of our product developments are the result of close collaboration with renowned bearing manufacturers. If your customers also have a special need for a particular product, we’ll be happy to take care of development on your behalf. You can rely on our extensive expertise in this area.

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